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Experiencing annoying aircon breakdowns? This might be the case when your air conditioner does not undergo regular aircon servicing. There are a variety of reasons why your aircon unit is experiencing problems – while some may just need a gas top-up, other units may require an aircon chemical residential. Nevertheless, every homeowner should be familiar with the different symptoms of a faulty aircon. Don’t hesitate to call a reliable air conditioner repair company as soon as you notice these aircon repair symptoms:


A comfortable working environment wouldn’t be possible if not for air conditioners. However, while it gives us a more conducive area to work in, it also needs to undergo routine servicing or worse, gets repaired. Whether you’re moving into a new office or in need of commercial air conditioning repair, it is important to engage with a reliable aircon specialist to get the best commercial air conditioning services available in Phuket.

Our Services

Aircon Installation

A professional and experienced aircon installation is helpful for the performance and life expectancy of your new aircon unit. You might be faced with multiple aircon installation options, thus taking time to choose the best one will help you in the long term. We provide high quality and the top aircon brands for aircon installation.

Part Replacement

We offer a quick and straightforward replacement process for our customers. We want to ensure that your AC can get back to running in no time, and you don’t have to shed a lot of cash. Our extensive customer service ensures all your needs are adequately fulfilled and none of your time is wasted.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Aircon Chemical Overhaul is a more extensive form of aircon chemical cleaning in Phuket, that require dismantle the entire system and components for a more thorough cleaning. Aircon chemical overhaul can clear water leak problems and prevent system breakdown for a Cleaner & healthier air.

Aircon Servicing

Aircon General Servicing is normal cleaning and maintenance, regular check up for air conditioners. Every aircon should check 3 or 4 months once. It helps to maintain the aircon cooling properly. Getting regular aircon general servicing will prolong the lifespan of your AC and will address issues earlier. Book our aircon general servicing now! Phuket air conditioning repair.

Aircon Gas Top Up

If your aircon unit is not supplying cold air or is supplying hot air, this could be a sign that your aircon needs a gas top up. Our technicians will perform a full inspection of the aircon system and refill the gas to restore it to working condition. Due to its importance to the performance and lifespan of air conditioners, we intended to make our aircon gas top up price more affordable for all. With low aircon gas top up prices in Phuket, you can maintain the quality performance of your AC in a budget.

Aircon Repair

We provide comprehensive aircon troubleshooting in Phuket. All of our aircon technicians are experienced and skilled allowing them to check a unit thoroughly for any damage or issues. They can completely dismantle your aircon unit to do a full inspection and put it back after the broken part is replaced. A standard test will follow after every aircon troubleshooting to ensure that your aircon is working well before they leave.

About Phuket Air Conditioning Repair

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A prominent aircon servicing in Phuket specializes in air conditioning servicing and repair. We have been providing unmatched aircon servicing in the region for years with the mission of providing our customers with a quality lifestyle. Using up to the minute practices and methods, our services are reliable as well as effective. Ranging from aircon overhaul to chemical wash, we know that the needs of customers are different so we cater to them all.

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Fast and Reliable Aircon Service. We can provide expert Aircon Services available to you 365 days a year for aircon needs. We are here when you need us to service both your residential and commercial properties!


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“Quick response, professional, qualified service engineers & service technicians, clean ( didn't mess up my house ) reasonable price, I changed a new unit ( Daikin ) service 2 other old units. Really good service, will contact them again and again”


“Excellent Service Excellent service by Khun Tor. Appreciate his advice on ways to keep the aircon well maintained.”


“Reliable and thorough service. Technicians are polite and knowledgeable.”


“We've been using Air Conditioning Repair's services for the past 2 years and they've always been no fuss, no dramas. Technician Tor has been servicing our units for the past few visits and he is very on the ball and is a hard worker. He gives good advice all the time. Very valuable asset to the team. Thank you”


“Your excellent installer deserves recognition for a good job done. We will recommend PHUKET AIR CONDITIONING REPAIR!”


“Thanks for the good work. The new unit is terrific! Nice people – Good workers – Friendly – Knowledgeable – both outside installers and inside office… Excellent”


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